We participated in the Virtual Trade Mission to Peru and Colombia 2021, an event organized by the Murcia Chamber of Commerce in order to promote the Region of Murcia abroad.

The event, held virtually due to current restrictions by COVID-19, consisted of a series of interviews between interested companies from the Region and companies located in Peru and Colombia.

Peru is interesting because its agro-industrial sector has a great potential for development, maintaining a constant and sustained growth rate in recent years, with which they expect to reach 20% of the country’s total exports.

This development has brought about an interesting dynamic in terms of imports of products and services related to the exploitation of this sector, conditions accentuated by the absence of local suppliers, which together with the excellent conditions due to the country’s great biodiversity, has led to agreements with more than 21 countries.

Colombia is characterized by its agricultural potential and its dependence on imports for agro-industrial development. They stand out as producers of mango, cocoa, coffee or avocado, of which they expect to increase the number of plantations in the coming years as they have more than 31 million hectares suitable for cultivation.

In both countries there is an important presence of Spanish companies, since the solutions developed in our country can be easily adapted to these countries, currently in the process of modernization. In addition, there is a good image of Spanish technological products and services.

Our objective with the participation in this Trade Mission was to obtain contacts in these countries in order to offer our services in the areas where the development of these industries can be boosted.